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Laura aka 'ad astra' writes...

A while back I came up with an assessment of fey power that ran like this: Oberon has more raw power than Titania- but Titania is more powerful. To explain: If a being wanted to light a room he or she could use magic to form a ball of bright light and in doing so he (this is my Oberon model) has to expend the energy to keep it going, concentrate on its heat and brightness, distance from ceiling, from heads, and other logistical matters. Another might simply use her magic to flip the switch and let the light-bulb handle the rest- the Titania model. For simple things it doesn't tax the magical reserves of the being- but for more impressive things it adds up. For instance- should Oberon want to create a massive storm he has to do so by the sheer force of his will. Should Titania desire the same thing, she could fall back on her extensive scientific knowledge and simply play with a few wind patterns. The resulting storm is the same, but the energy expended to create it is much different. Titania has been studying science for quite some time, I tend to doubt Oberon is a model student. Am I right, even in part?

Slightly connected- You were asked who would succeed Oberon should he die and you answered Titania. Is this because she is the next most powerful, she has some lineage claim, or, would be the most likely to have bumped him off? [What are her thoughts of her once and again hubby?]

Just to add a comment- It seems to me Oberon is a big jerk, but one with potential. While he does go around trying to kill the gargoyles in Ill Met, once defeated he actually takes it quite well, and even comes up with the only graceful, even noble, solution to the mess. Likewise his punishment of the Banshee is quite poetic, and in some ways not extreme. Here and there there are hints to something worthwhile in him, (I particularly remember his insistence Titania have the right to come and go as she please). I get the impression that if he were only slightly less powerful and had to rely on his other attributes and not brute force he would be quite an amazing being and ruler. It also seems to me the only reason Titania might want to remarry him. She was clearly manipulating him, and it did not even seem much of a challenge, but if she were truly interested in how much he had matured, and how much more he might do so, it would explain a lot. Again, am I close to the truth?


Greg responds...

You're not far from the truth, but I don't think you're giving Oberon enough credit. There was a time when he was the MOST mature of his race. The most progressive. The most merciful. The most tolerant. Etc. In some ways his banishment of the Children worked too well. Many of them, Titania in particular, grew, changed. He largely didn't. But he's not an idiot. He's in fact quite intelligent. And quite loving in his way. Quite charismatic. Titania loves him. Truly loves him. She may think she can aide in his growth, but he's the only "man" she could find that truly challenges her. Everyone else seems quite limited by comparison.

And although he may seem arrogant or act "like a jerk", you need to remember that that arrogance isn't without foundation. And relatively speaking, I don't think he's a jerk at all. He's flawed. And a flawed creature of that much power is a threat. But Titania has her flaws too. She isn't exactly little miss goody-two-shoes with magic. I think they were made for each other.

And I certainly didn't mean to imply that she would bump him off. Simply, in the hypothetical case that he did die, that she as queen, is next in line to the throne.

Response recorded on July 19, 2000