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Aris Katsaris (repost by Aris) writes...

This comes with some delay but better late than never... Concerning Morrigan (to give credit where due) Todd had already guessed that in the Gargoyles Universe she may have been Banshee... I had my doubts, in part because I hadn't guessed that the 'love' part in their love/hate relationship went back to their earlier life...

Anyway... So, the Morrigan of legends is an amalgation of Banshee and the Weird sisters... interesting and ofcourse quite fitting. (I also wonder if the idea of the Weird Sisters in love with anyone could ever pass S&P - it would seem a bit like a group orgy or something... :-)

I was intrigued (and quite pleased) when I found out that you had further plans for Banshee as Molly - the episode had left me rather unsatisfied, Rory transforming into Cuchullain and attacking/killing the Banshee as if Molly had meant nothing to him... it felt kind of a letdown (especially since I quite liked Molly while the Banshee seemed two-dimensional). So I'm glad this is not the end of their relationship, even though I agree with you that it would be difficult to near-impossible to focus a whole series on the two of them.

Hmm... here are a couple of questions. Does Rory know that the Banshee is still out there or does he think that he has killed her? And that 'transformation' into Cuchullain... would you have it happen again, or even on a regular base? (I rather disliked the transformation - I didn't much like Cuchullain's form...) And how does Rory feel now about Molly/Banshee/Crom Cruach?

Thanks btw, for the compliment on my usage of English... However the specific post concerning the Morrigan was in great part a copy-and-paste job from a mythological website... :-)

Greg responds...

I think to the extent that Rory is only just starting to remember his past life, he probably realizes taht Cuchullain has "killed" her before and will probably have to "kill" her again. He doesn't expect Molly to reenter his life though. That should come as a surprise.

Some transformation will be part of the equation. But I too wasn't satisfied with what we had. For starters, it seemed to much like Marvel's Thor to me. And I wasn't wild about the Cuchullain model either. It was servicable, and we were on deadline. But I'd like to come up with something stronger. Something that mixes Rory and Cuchullain more. Something that better integrates the Spear of Light. I have some ideas about it, if I ever get the chance to revisit.

As for Rory's current feelings, I think he largely felt betrayed by Molly. Felt she had been using him, felt she never had any real feelings for him. I think she thinks that he's right about that. But "going undercover" as Banshee did gets complicated. Nothing's as cut and dry as either of them think.

Response recorded on August 01, 2000