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LSZ (repost by Aris) writes...

Why I didn't like Odin's portrayal so much and Odin in general.

First of all, Odin was supposed to be the wisest of the gods, who sacrificed his very eye for wisdom and had to hang from a tree nine days dead, really dead, gone-to-Helheim-dead to gain even more wisdom of rune-making knowledge. He also interacted with humans frequently in the myths, and not always as a god-to-lesser-beings attitude. Odin in Gargoyles seemed kinda..dumb. His comment to Goliath about not being used to dealing with mortals seemed out-of-character. The mythological Odin seemed the type of person to try more subtle methods to gain the Eye. And also:

1) Where were Odin's ravens at the time?
2) Why has Sleipnir so few legs? He should have eight.
3) Where's Odin's magic spear Gungnir?

Greg responds...

Well, know one said that he'd been interacting with humans recently. He seemed somewhat hermetic to me.

1. In Miami.

2. I've answered this before. I know he should have had eight. He had eight in the script. The real reason he didn't in the show was because it was felt that the animators couldn't handle it and it would look horrible. The in-Universe reason is that Sleipnir is also a shape-shifter and can have as many legs as he wants to at any given time. He was in a four leg mood right then.

3. In Barbados.

(Sorry, Odin didn't please you. But I don't think our interpretations are mutually exclusive. I certainly don't disagree with yours, nor do I find it inconsistent with ours. I certainly don't think he was dumb. Just rusty. In any case, he achieved his ends.)

Response recorded on August 01, 2000