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Duncan Devlin writes...

Hi Greg. I posted a question in March that I guess was a little confusing. I asked about Annubis being in line at the Gathering. Since he was presented as the Grim Reaper (essentially) and the only being to represent a "taker of souls" in the Gargoyles universe, I found it a little odd that he be taken from his duties to attend The Gathering. Since the Amir returned control to Annubis, I assume he did not take his place. The Gathering seemed to have an indeterminate length of time (Puck seemed way too concerned for just a hiatus), so the world would be without death. Who takes care of the duties of death while he is at The Gathering.

I don't want to go any furthur, because there will be an idea imbedded in the question.

I apologize for calling Nought a "dube", I was a typo I didn't pick up on until mid-May. I intended to say "dude".

Greg responds...

Where Anubis is has little to do with how he functions. He doesn't have to be present at every deathbed.

Response recorded on August 11, 2000