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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman, (I just can?t bring myself to use your first name) thanks a
lot for answering questions here at Station 8 and creating Gargoyles. I
would personally chisel a stone monument and place it in the middle of New
York, but I don?t have any stone or talent. Anyways, I?d like to ask you a
couple things (I?d like to warn you in advance that I am a mythology nut.
1) How could Odin still be around at this point in time? If I?m not
mistaken, he and all but a handful of the Aesir were killed in the last
battle at the field of Vigrid. Odin was eaten by the wolf Fenris. 2)
The Eye of Odin was located at the bottom of Mimir?s Well in payment for
unprecedented knowledge. How?d they get it out? The well was destroyed
when fire destroyed most of Asgard. 3) Why didn?t Odin?s horse, Sleipnir,
have 8 legs like it was supposed to? 4) CuChullain was supposedly
mispronounced in "The Hound of Ulster". The second "c" is silent. Just
wondering ? is it Banshee or Ban Sidhe? 5) Gae bolga, CuChullain?s spear
was supposed to never miss its mark. Why did it? 6) How can Elisa afford
to buy the Gargoyles all of their things? Lex has a laptop, they have
furniture, and their food must cost a fortune. 7) Did any of the mutates
contact their relatives after their mutation? 8) The Gargoyles didn?t
have access to a bathroom at the clocktower, right? Where did they go? A
bush? 9) Were you ever going to introduce the original Olympians (Zeus,
Hera, Apollo, etc.) into the story? 10) Did Elisa ever launder her
clothing during the Avalon trip? I mean, she fell in a peat bog and
countless other places. 11) In the earlier episodes, Bronx?s (he?s a
cutie-pie) voice seems to be something like an electronically enhanced
lion?s roar. But in the later ones, Frank Welker completely takes over.
Was it because of time, budget, or inconvenience? 12) Is Proteus one of
the Children of Oberon? 13) The gods (Anubis, Odin, Coyote, etc.) are
just really powerful Oberon?s Children, right? 14) Oberon divorced
Titania because she hated mortals so much, but was there a specific event
that was the last straw? 15) At the end of "The Mirror", didn?t Demona
smash Titania?s Mirror? It shows up later on in "The Gathering". 16) Why
weren?t Preston Vogel and Halcyon Renard affected by Oberon?s sleep spell
in "The Gathering"? I?m sorry for writing so much. But I?ll forever be in
debt to you if you answer them!

Greg responds...

1. Odin was swallowed, not eaten.
2. The Eye wasn't destroyed.
3. Sigh. I wanted Slep to have eight legs. But Frank Paur and Bob Kline
convinced me that it would just be too hard for our overseas animators to
draw. We agreed that a well-animated four-legged horse was preferable to a
poorly animated but accurate eight-legged horse. In my head, Slep still has
eight legs, but as a changeling himself, he can choose to appear with four
legs if he wants.
4. We thought we had AN accurate reading on the pronunciation of Cu's name.
I'm still not sure we don't. Someone in that session was pretty positive,
and there are always variations depending on locale and tradition. As for
Banshee, both spellings are correct, as far as I know. We went for the
simpler one.
5. Ultimately, it didn't.
6. The furniture is all disguarded junk (except for the t.v., which Elisa
did purchase as a gift). Xanatos donated the laptop back when they lived at
the castle. (Lex went back for it.) The big question is the food.
Gargoyles probably require less than you think, since they absorb solar
energy in their stone form during the day. Still... Fortunately, I can dodge
the question now, because it's moot. They're back living with Xanatos who
can afford it.
7. Other than Derek? No. Definitely not.
8. Let's afford them a bit of dignity and privacy, shall we?
9. Maybe in flashback.
10. Yes, she did. In streams and rivers, mostly. Though maybe she had the
opportunity to do a bit better than that in Paris and a couple other places.
11. From beginning to end, we always used a combination of Frank Welker
as well as some electronic enhancements. I've never noticed a significant
change over time, though obviously each roar was literally mixed on a case by
case basis, each roar required its own decision as to whether we were going
to use no enhancement, a little enhancement or a lot. It's possible that as
we progressed, Frank's familiarity with the nuances of the character required
less and less enhancement. But the policy never changed.
12. No. He's a New Olympian.
13. Right.
14. "Hate" isn't the right word. And that's not why he divorced her
anyway. But yes, there was a last straw incident. And incidentally, the
Titania of 1000+ years ago was not the same woman we met in our series.
(Wait, wait, she is the same person. I wasn't being literal.) She was
considerably less mature than the Anastasia/Titania you know today.
At the time, Oberon was substantially more mature than his mate, and
consequently "wiser". Over the millenium however, Titania really grew as a
person. Oberon, thinking he needed no improving, remained stagnant. Now
it's easy to see Titania as wiser and more mature. But she's the one who
changed, not him. And if you think he's bad, wait 'til you meet his mother.
15. That's "Oberon's Mirror" at the Gathering. Demona did smash
Titania's. But a long time ago, they each had one made at the same time.
16. They arrived in Manhattan after the spell was cast. Their bridge
may also have been protected by an energy field, which jammed Oberon's
magic, just as Owen's field protected David, Petros and Fox inside the
castle. (GDW/12-10-97)

Response recorded on December 10, 1997