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LSZ writes...

1) Is it possible for a fae to have a connection to a single or at least a type of species?
2) If so, is Anansi connected to spiders?
3) Raven ravens?
4) Coyote coyotes?
5) Finally, is it possible and are there any fae that are connected to gargoyles or humans as a species?

Greg responds...


But wait! This sounds like it makes sense.

1. I'm not sure I get it but i think the answer is yes.

2. Yes, obviously.

3. YES!

4. YES!

5. That isn't the idea. Spiders are Anansi's familiars. You don't usually recruit familiars from sentient species. Those are called apprentices or flunkies.

There! Did I break the codeword?!

Response recorded on August 22, 2000