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Haplo FD writes...

1. I know this queston has been touched upon before but I was wondering how was it that the ringing of an iron bell could bring Oberon to his knees and almost kill him (even after he had been given back his full powers) and yet the iron harpoon in the chest couldn't hack it?
2. Also, near the end of that episode, Oberon was severely drained of his power (with the old man visage), but then for no apparent reason returns to his normal self. What happened which enabled him to return to his usual self?

Thanks. I appreciate any answers given.

Greg responds...

1. One attacked his corporeal form. Which was injured, but he was given TIME (while Puck droned on) to recover. The bell made a more direct attack to his nervous system. Preventing him from recovering, had they kept ringing it. You'll notice that once they stopped ringing it, he recovered very quickly. Whereas once he removed the harpoon, it still took minutes for him to regain his normal form.
2. He had time and the power to heal.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000