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Aris Katsaris writes...

Concerning the Weird Sisters...

1. Are they 'biologically' sisters? By which I mean - did they have the same parents? Or is it just a designation that kind of describes the relationship that they have between them?

2. Are they triplets, or is one of them older than the other?

3. Do they do *everything* together? :-)

4. And (just in case the above question wasn't already obvious Christine Morgan material :-) has any of them ever had a boyfriend/mate/spouse/etc ?

5. (Getting back to the PG stuff) Have you decided who are their parents?

Greg responds...

1. They're sisters.

2. They're triplets. One is older. One is younger. But not necessarily the same one all the time.

3. Pretty much everything and then some. Plus they also do nothing together.

4. "All things are true."

5. Sorta.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000