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Kayless writes...

Hey there, Greg. Since my last questions seemed to have been devoured by the Internet Goblin, I'll repost them, rather than trying to ask you directly using 'The Force'. ;)
1. When asked about Mab not long ago you wrote: 'She's MAD, I tell you, MAD, MAD! BWAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAAAA'. Putting all jesting aside, is she insane?
2. If the answer to #1 is yes, was she this way prior to her incarceration/banishment or as a result of it?
3. Do the Fae in general feel that Oberon was justified in overthrowing her? Or are there holdout followers of the former ruler? Old school Mabites. =)
4. How can Oberon be so petulant and conceited? Despite all the centuries he's been around he still hasn't learned how to act like an adult. It's highly ironic that he banished the Fae from Avalon to teach them humility when he has so little himself (not exactly a model of introspection is he?). Not to mention that his son Merlin is renowned for his wisdom and for mentoring the noble Arthur. Yet Oberon himself seems devoid of all leadership qualities. He forbids his people from directly interfering with mortal affairs then blatantly breaks his own edict when he tries to kidnap Alexander. How can he be the ruler of an entire species and be blissfully ignorant to the fact that no one is above the law, especially the ruler? Sorry, that was more of an opinionated comment rather than a question.
5. Merlin is Half-Fae. So does he use human magic, Fae magic, or a combination of both? I am assuming that he was the one who enchanted the iron suits of armor guarding the sleeping Arthur. Such a feet of conjuration seems very difficult for someone who uses just Fae or human magic, but if Merlin used both then I can see how it's feasible. However, wouldn't that be mixing magics? And isn't that inherently dangerous?
(Listen to me! Talking about magic being feasible! This reminds me of all the discussions I've had with other Trekkers about why/how modern Klingons possess ridged heads and Original Series Klingons don't. Obsession on minutia: the hallmark of the fan. You can quote me on that).

Greg responds...

1 & 2. I never said she WENT insane, which I think is what your question implies. She is what she is. Mad, I tellyou, Mad, Mad!!

3. In general, a sigh of relief was breathed. But nothing's ever unanimous.

4. I know a lot of adults who behave MUCH worse than Oberon with a hell of a lot less justification for their arrogance. Don't you?

Everything's relative. Oberon is hardly devoid of leadership qualities. You don't like him so you're not paying close attention. He's the one that banished his arrogant race and caused many if not all of them to learn something about mortals. The old Titania in particular made Oberon seem like Mr. Maturity. Admittedly, she changed and he didn't. But she wouldn't have changed if HE hadn't forced her to learn certain lessons. He's also the guy who created the non-interference law. He didn't have to do that. He wanted to.

You accuse him of blatantly breaking it, but how human of you. He didn't feel he was breaking the law at all. As the ultimate Supreme Court Judge in this matter, he "ruled" that Fox was human, but that Alex was not. Taking Alex would therefore not be breaking his law.

Look at Elian Gonzales. Literally millions of well-meaning people disagreed on how to handle that. Some thought he should go back to his father in Cuba. Others believed he should stay with relatives in the U.S. Oberon acted as a judge in (what he honestly believed would be) the best long-term interests of the child. You and I may disagree, but we're clearly as biased as he is. And when another viable option was presented to him, he relented. A truly immature un-leaderlike guy would NEVER have relented. It's not like he was defeated. It's not like Fox's one surprising powerblast represented any real threat to him.

Try to stand in his shoes for a minute. You see a child, who runs the risk of being crippled if he stays with his real parents. On the other hand, there's a grandmother (who happens to be your wife) who can raise the boy to be happy and healthy on the paradise of Avalon. Who's to say Oberon was really wrong? [O.K. I think he was wrong. On the other hand, I think Elian's relatives were wrong to keep him from his father. And I'm sure to this day, they sincerely believe they were right.] My point is that people of good intentions sometimes disagree. So when you judge Oberon so harshly, who exactly is being immature?

5. Both, but never at the same time or on the same thing.

As for Klingons, I always had this theory that Q altered the entire Klingon race without telling anyone as an experiment. That the Klingons weren't this race of honor until Q messed with them, changing even their memories, history and religion. I think someday, he might offer them the chance to change back.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000