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Vashkoda writes...

Ok, I'm bored, and since I won't enter the contest, it leaves me with little else to do but ask questions. So....

1a) Did Mab have any followers in her battle with Oberon? b) If so, were any of them imprisoned along with her? c) Is there anyone presently guarding her prison? d) Can anyone besides Oberon free Mab from wherever she's being imprisoned?

2) Was it Oberon himself who originally decided to battle Mab, or did he need convincing?

3) You said that Ragnarok happened in the Gargoyles Universe. a) How about the battle between the "Greek gods" and their predecessors, the "Titans"? b) Were either of these battles associated with the one between Oberon and Mab?

Greg responds...

1a. Yes.

b. Maybe.

c. Sorta.

d. Possibly.

2. Not telling.

3a. Yes.

b. Not telling.

Response recorded on September 27, 2000