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(The Guppi) writes...

01) In one of your MIRROR memos, you mentioned that the character design for the Weird Sisters' "true" forms should include earpoints. (I don't recall seeing them portrayed with such, but that doesn't mean much.) I know you really hate making quantifications, but... what level of pointiness had you in mind? Would they be giving Puck a run for their money?
02) Nearly all of the humanoid CoO appear to have pointed ears. ('Nearly', because one can't be too sure about that Nought fellow...) -a- Why? -b- And is this purely cosmetic, or does it have some practical basis?

Greg responds...

1. Whatever final models appeared on screen is exactly what we finally decided on, old memos not-withstanding.

2. It just tends to set them off as non-human, and also feels traditionally fae for some reason, Mr. Spock not-withstanding.

Response recorded on November 02, 2000