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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg. I have a few questions about the world of 2158 that I was
wondering if you could answer.

1) How are things around the world politically? 1a) Are there still things
like arms races between countries (like we are seeing right now in Asia)?
1b) Are most countries working together in the UN (or something like the
UN)? 1c) Would you say for the most part, there is world peace?

2) Does the human population know about the fae? Or have they kept
themselves a secret?

3) Are the fae still on Avalon with Oberon?

4) How far do you see space travel to have advanced?

5) Is Demona still in charge of Nightstone? For that matter, does
Nightstone even still exist?

6) This isn't about 2158, but I wanted to ask anyway. During the
Gathering, Oberon called for his children. Now the question is, would his children
be only pure fae or would they include those beings who had a single parent
that was fae, or just anyone that had any fae blood in them?

Greg responds...

1a,b,c. Nations still exist and there's still occasional conflict,
but the U.N. would have a substantial role, and generally there is world

2. Secret.

3. Largely.

4. Earthling space travel? Nothing significant outside our solar
system, but within the solar system we're all over the place.

5. Yes, in some form.

6. Anyone who was considered fae. That includes some half-breeds
like (in theory) Alex, but leaves out others like Fox.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998