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One writes...

1) Most of the fae in their "natural" (so we believe) forms have pointy ears, is there any particular reason for this? Bean Sidhe, Titania, Puck (especially Puck), the Weird Sisters, Oberon, Raven, Grandmother.

2) If a fae created a wall of stone (or any other dense material) to block a cold iron spear being thrown at them, what would happen to the wall? It's said the fae magick cannot resist cold iron but what of things created from fae magick? Say Puck created a golem would that golem be very vulnerable to cold iron?

3) How do you think Oberon would react if Titania was to be killed, hypothetically?

Greg responds...

1. Maybe it comes naturally. Who told you to have round ears?

2. It all depends on method and execution.

3. How do YOU think, hypothetically? Geez.

Response recorded on March 08, 2001