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One writes...

1) The Weird Sisters are capable of mental manipulation and coercion, e.g. MacBeth and Demona stealing the Eye of Odin, Phoenix Gate, and GA. So why didn't the Bean Sidhe simply extract the information that she believed Goliath, Angela, and Elisa through mental manipulation. Is she really fond of torture?

2) Why do Puck, the Weird Sisters, Oberon, and Titania use rhymes and iambic pentameter in conjunction with their magicks while other Oberati such as Anubis, Odin, Bean Sidhe, and the Lady of the Lake do not use such verse to tap into their magick? Is it preference or does the verse somehow enchance the effect of their magick given a certain amount of energy?

3) Since the fae can change their physical form on a whim, why does Odin prefer to stay in the physical form of such an old man?

Greg responds...

1. Mac and D. had to get extremely vulnerable, emotionally exhausted before the sisters could control them. And even with that, they began to fight off the spell in High Noon. The Sisters had to give them a booster. And then let the Archmage+ take over. The Banshee didn't have the patience to be quite so manipulative. Also, don't assume that every power that one Child has another has. Life doesn't work that way. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

2. For casting spells, an entity less powerful than Oberon uses the words to focus the magic. Rhyming helps that. Anubis never cast any spells, that I can recall. And Banshee was using her voice. The Lady did rhyme, as I recall.

3. He's earned it. NOT ALL OF US VIEW AGE AS A NEGATIVE, One.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001