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Josh Wurzel writes...

Dear Greg,

Puck seems like a pretty powerful little fae, what with the whole soul transferrence thing and turing all the humans in Manhattan into gargoyles (with help from Titania's Mirror) If Puck really wanted to, could he break the Weird Sister's spell over Demona and Macbeth? And why did he serve Oberon? Was he created/bred/conceived for that purpose? Or did he just sign up for the job? And if he did sign up for the job of Oberon's lackey, in god's name WHY did he do it?

Greg responds...

It's harder to interfere with the magic of others than it is to just cast spells of your own.

And as usual, I'd prefer not to quantify who's more powerful.

As to why Puck once served Oberon, that's a long story.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001