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The One writes...

1) Why did Odin's eye contain his magick and power? How did he come to lose the eye? Other fae have lost great parts of their perceived bodily mass seemingly without any loss of their magickal abilities (Anansi and Bean Sidhe).

2) Why didn't Odin call upon the Aesir or his magical servants to help him retrieve the eye? You said that since Goliath possessed the eye that Odin did not feel that he was breaking Oberon's law; so then, why not call upon Thor or the Valkryies (spelling)?

3) Are there any other fae body parts out there that function as potent magickal talismans? If so, what are they?

Greg responds...

1) The eye didn't contain his power. It linked to it. He traded the eye for a drink from Mimir's pool of wisdom.

2) The Children of Oberon tend not to travel in packs these days. Besides, him retrieving his eye isn't interfering. Asking Thor, assuming Thor survived Ragnarok, is a whole other kettle of Aesir.

3) Yeah, like I was going to answer that.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001