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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Greg! The ritual thanks for all your time and help...on to the questions.
1. "Griff and Leo were involved in the 40s..." This is a direct quote from you. *Leo*? Are you sure you didn't mean *Una*? (I know the answer to this one--I hope--but I decided to bug you anyway.) 2. This has been asked twice or more before, but I've decided to ask it the right way. *In the Gargoyles universe*, who created the Phoenix Gate? One of the Sisters says that it was forged on Avalon, but by whom? Also, why would Puck try to bribe Oberon with it? Isn't Oberon powerful enough to traverse space and time under his own power? I do have a theory, but to pose it I think would violate the rules of this Q&A.
3. What is the correct order of the three races? Are gargoyles the first, humans the second, and fae the third? This is the order that Broadway gives, and Oberon refers to himself as Ruler of the Third Race. But in one of your answers you said that the fae would probably consider themselves first. Is there any definitive answer, or does it depend on the race of the person you ask?
4. How is that guy's name spelled...Brendon, Brendan or something else? Is he Margot's husband or boyfriend? (I apologize if that has been already answered.)
5. About Sevarius' name-- you said in another answer that the spelling I just used was the correct one, but in--I think it was "The Cage," Elisa holds up his briefcase and the name on it is "Servarius"--was this an oversight, then? Whoever personalized the briefcase goofed, and Sevarius got mad at them? (But used the case anyway.) 6. Is the spelling of the Princess' name Katharine or Katherine?
7. How did the New Olympians come to have such advanced technology?
8. Does Broadway still have the Sun Amulet? If so, why did he keep it?
9. When Jade and Turquesa went to Avalon, did they have to leave their amulets at the gate, or what? They wouldn't have been allowed to take them to Avalon unless the Sun Amulet was fae magic. It wasn't, was it? Or were the amulets allowed, since they weren't really the source of the magic, just extensions of it?
10. Were there plans to ever have Alexander on Avalon? For any of the trio or Hudson to go? For any other Avalonian gargoyles to leave, and perhaps come to Manhattan? (Besides Angela and Boudicca.) Again, thank you very much. I also wanted to say it was great seeing you at the Gathering, and thanks for signing my card. :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes. A mental typo. Griff and Una were involved. Later Leo and Una mated. Griff and Leo were just friends. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up.
2. Thanks for exhibiting restraint. Oberon has a lot of power. But Time Travel requires a lot of energy. It may be beyond his abilities. It's certainly beyond his ability to do with the kind of ease the Gate allows. As to the Gate's origin, I'm not at liberty to divulge that right now. (Well, I am, but I don't feel like it.)
3. Depends on who you ask. When did Oberon refer to himself as Ruler of the Third Race? If so, it must be a colloquialism he adopted. Certainly he doesn't place the two "mortal" races ahead of his own.
4. Brendan is Margot's husband.
5. I don't remember that. But if you're right, and it wasn't corrected in a later retake, then you're explanation is as good as any. Sevarius is the correct spelling.
6. Katharine. Michael Reaves spelled it that way. At the time, it struck me as unusual, but that just made it special. Later everyone (including Michael and me too sometimes) kept spelling it Katherine. Turns out that the original spelling was probably a typo. Michael had no specific memory of it. But that's how the first episode credits went out, so that's what I stuck with.
7. They developed it themselves over the centuries.
8. He kept it to keep it out of trouble. He didn't know what it was for.
After Goliath et al returned, I'm sure they recognized it and filled him in.
9. Good questions. I hadn't really thought that out. The pendants were definitely created by human sorcery. Maybe they left them with Zafiro and Obsidiana until they returned.
10. I had some plans for Angela and Broadway to go to Avalon, at least for a visit. I didn't have specific plans for any of the others, but I did have more story ideas involving the Avalon cast, and as the stories required, I wouldn't have hesitated to move people around a bit.