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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

Qs on Fae:

1. Is it Fay or Fae?

2. The symbol on the periodic table for iron is Fe. any connection?

3. Ive noticed (any i know youre colorblind) that whenever the fae change forms they tend to stick to their own hair color. Titania/Anastasia red. Weird Sisters. Puck/Owen blonde/white. Oberon white. Now do you attribute this to:
a. they like their own appearance, and so make their alternate form look as much like their normal self as possible OR
b. (less likely) they have restrictions on their shape shifting abilities

Greg responds...

1. It's Children of Oberon or Oberon's Children.

2. To what?

3. You're stretching things with Puck which throws off your premise. They do what they want. But they are vain, generally.

Response recorded on August 30, 2001