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Anonymous writes...

1. You said that the Phoenix Gate is caught in some sort of eternal time
loop. Is that one reason for its name? As in - the eternal time loop of
the Gate as a parallel to the legendary Phoenix rising from its own ashes,
both being an eternal cycle?

2. More a comment than a question: I didn't have any problems with the
time loops in "Gargoyles", and in fact, not only understood the ones in "Vows",
"Avalon", and "M.I.A.", but even enjoyed them thoroughly. (I think that
part of the reason for this is that I've been writing a time travel novel
for many years - conceived long before "Gargoyles" ever came out - which
used a similar time loop as its basic concept, so I felt quite at home
with the ones in the series). I just thought that you might like to know that
one person in the audience got them.

3. What metal is Guardian Tom's sword and armor supposed to be made of?
(Obviously not iron).

4. Supposedly, faerie magic won't work on iron. So how was Oberon and
Titania able to work magic on a Xanatos clad in a suit of iron armor in
"The Gathering Part Two" (Oberon sending him hurtling into the battlements, and
Titania paralyzing him alongside Goliath and Puck)?

5. Why did the Weird Sisters get Demona to reveal the changed access code
to Xanatos and Goliath (besides the needs of the plotline)? Unlike their
other interventions (such as stopping Demona and Macbeth from killing each
other), it wasn't necessary for their schemes for the "Reconquest" of Avalon, so
why did they go out of their way to save the city? (That's the main reason
why I was convinced for a long time that their later behavior was all an act,
in fact, until you confirmed that they really were the petty vengeful beings
that they appeared to be in "Avalon" and "Ill Met By Moonlight").

6. How does Owen explain that stone hand of his to people (other than
those in on the secret like Xanatos) whom he meets with? I can safely assume
that very few people would believe him if he said that it got that way due to
dipping it into a magic cauldron :)

7. Was the Cauldron of Life partly inspired by the magical cauldrons of
Celtic mythology?

8. You mentioned that the general public wouldn't have realized (at least,
not for quite a long while) that the gargoyles were sentient beings. When
the New Olympians showed up, would the humans have similarly had problems
understanding that Taurus and Co. were sentient beings?

Greg responds...

1. Uh huh.
2. Tanks muchly.
3. Good questions. Maybe steel, maybe another blend.
4. Paralysis works on the brain. (Here's a hint. Don't take your
helmet off.) Also air isn't made of iron. Ever been hit by a magically
powerful blast of air?
5. I never said that their ONLY plans involved vengeance.
6. It's an eccentric prosthetic to most people.
7. Yep.
8. No, because their 'entrance' would indicate sentience from the

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998