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Heather N. Allen writes...

==From one of your early revisions to the five-ep opener:
"--Our fault, but we don't think the Bannister character is adding anything. We can probably drop him."

Who was Bannister, exactly? Sounds like a cutesy name for a cat, or a cheesy villain's pet bat or something. But since you know for sure, would you enlighten us?

Who probably _would_ name a cat 'Bannister', if she had a cat...

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I remember. I have a VAGUE memory that at one point we discussed having a "good" Rich Guy to place in opposition to Xanatos. We decided against that -- didn't want to make life too easy for our heroes. Bannister may have been that guy, or he may have been someone else entirely. The good rich guy sort of eventually kind of became Renard.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001