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Christina 'MacBeth' Marmann writes...

Hi Greg,
some questions on my fave immortal Scotsman:
1) to which extent is MacBeth able to use magic? i guess he could handle the Grimorum Arcanorum.
2)what would happen if MacBeth killed Duncan McCloud?
3)what does MacBeth do in 'Future Tense'? for that matter, why is Xanatos able to kill Demona in cyberspace?
4)would MacBeth be one of the Good Guys in Gargoyles 2158? i sincerely hope so.
5)did you actually know that MacBeth's name means "son of life" in Gaelic, or was he chosen because of his particular history? if it's a coincidence, that's a nice one.
'K, this is it for now, keep up the good work, cy around
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Greg responds...

1. Sure.
2. Who exactly is your favorite immortal Scotsman? Look, I'm not too interested in theorizing about cross-overs. That seems like something you should have your own fun doing.
3. Macbeth isn't part of Puck's illusion.
4. Macbeth is still alive in 2158, but I don't see him having a major roll, at least not early on. Maybe in 2159 or 2160.
5. Didn't know. Thanks for filling me in.

Response recorded on January 25, 2000