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Robin Wynn writes...

Hi Mr. Wiesman,
the first of my questions was asked by another person,but because the post it was in was so long you didn't answer it. I wanted to know the answer so i thought I'd post it again.
ok, here they go:
1)Is there faster-than-light travel in the Gargoyles universe? faster-than-light communications? If yes, why is Nokkar so isolated and uninformed about outside happenings?
2) ok, originally someone asked you what made Anubis connected to death. Your answer was "Fay are tied to the pure magic of Earth. Individual fay have different 'connections', just as individual humans have different talents, etc. Anubis and other "death gods" come by it naturally". My question is this:
a) Does Alex have any special connection? any particular magical talent that he comes by naturally?
b)if so, what is it?

well, thanks in advance for your time.

Greg responds...

1. Actually, I did answer this in the sense that I rejected the form of the question. It's a two-part question that assumes a connection that doesn't exist.

And per our new rules, you'll have to resubmit your other questions (as they are on unrelated topics) as separate posts.

Response recorded on August 24, 1999