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Aris Katsaris writes...

Some 'Gargoyles 2158' questions:

1. Do any of three races mainly involved in the galactic war have knowledge of magic's existence? Would they consider it to be superstition (like most humans)? Would they know it exists and works, but not how (like the protagonists of the series)? Would they have researched it and elevated it to the level of science?

In short, what's their attitude towards magic?

2. Is the third species you spoke of allied to Nokkar's race? To the space-spawn? None of the above?

3. Is there a specific point of dispute between the warring sides, or is it simply a war of aggression, one wanting to conquer all, and the other side opposing it?

Greg responds...

1. Initially, I wouldn't be dealing with Alien Magic. It's a pretty sophisticated concept. Eventually, I would have enjoyed bringing it in. As for their beliefs, I think Owen said it best: "Energy is Energy." Or to the Space-Spawn, "Power is power."

2. It's complicated.

3. Ditto. Though initially vis-a-vis Earth in 2158 it will play as a territory grab.

Response recorded on March 03, 2000