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Anne writes...

Hi Greg! :)

I love "Gargoyles" (obviously) and I was sad that they cancelled it. Ever since I saw "Awakenings" Part 1 (I was there the first time it aired and fell in love instantly!), everything caught me. The betrayal was stunning, the art fantastic, the storyline just plain magnificent! I keep high hopes that Disney gets off it's butt and start working with your show or else to sell it, or better yet continue it with YOU on the crew. Sorry, I've been a Garg fanatic ever since I was nine so thanks for taking your time, because a lot of people, including me, appreciate it. ^_^

Sorry if these sound dumb...
My questions:

In the spin-off for GARGOYLES 2158, you said that Timedancing Brooklyn will star along with Demona, Samson, and a few others. Wouldn't Timedancing Brooklyn meet his older self (the Brooklyn that has become 214 years old) in this year?

(Second question) In the year 2158, will the older Brooklyn even be in Manhattan?

Thanks! :)

Greg responds...

By 2158, Brooklyn would be dead, one way or another. (Do the math.)

Response recorded on March 19, 2000