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Kraken writes...

Hi mr. Weisman.

I read in the archives that you wouldn't mind a Gargoyles show in CGI. I feel that CGI would not be right for Gargoyles. Not because it would be impossible to make, but I notice that CGI shows tend to have few characters. There's also a lot of generated characters looking close to one and another, like the Apes in Starship Troopers who look alot alike save for their faces, nametag, size.

A show like Gargoyles have many characters with different shape, size, color, etc. Wouldn't that be costly or long to create?

I'd like to have your view on this one, thank you in advance.

Greg responds...

The limitations in CGI are no more severe than in cel animation; they are simply different. And most can be overcome with proper lead time and development.

Gargoyles, is, in many ways an ideal CGI show. Doesn't mean it might not be better in cel. But I think it could work. Size, color, shape, etc. none of that is a problem. Hair is a problem. That would take some work. Clothes are a problem. Loinclothes would take some work. But for GARGOYLES 2158, it could be a whole new world in CGI.

Response recorded on March 22, 2000