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Lexy writes...

Hello again:)

I know you have addressed this a lot..but I have read your posts on it and im still confused..not cuz your posts were vage but cuz my knowledge of math..is ..well lets say limited.

My question is on Broadway's and Angela's children. To the best of my knowleged they have 3 right, the middle child is the female and the youngest is Sampson who becomes leader. Can you explain to me how old approx. is Sampson when he becomes leader and in what order does this happen? IE. Hudson, Goliath, Brooklyn, ...then RIGHT to Sampson? That seems to me that he'd be too young..or that Brooklyn or Goliath would be getting on but im SO bad at this stuff:P can you help me??

And I just wanted to say that you are doing an awsome job here! Not too meny ppl would take so much time to talk to their fandom, I think thats just really cool of you!:D

Greg responds...


And it's not a math question really. It's an events question. You make a few assumptions that don't necessarily happen. But at any rate, it's not that simple. In my current thinking, which has changed quite a bit since 1996, Samson becomes leader due to circumstances beyond his control.

Response recorded on March 31, 2000