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Entity writes...

Some GARGOYLES 2198 questions:

1. Is "Alexander Fox Xanatos IV" to be the great grandson of the Alex we know, or is he to actually be the Alex we know?

2. Those two Lex robots that are as common as coffee makers in the future: Are they designed after Lexington? If so, how does the world feel about embracing a household appliance resembling a gargoyle? Wouldn't a gargoyle be a controversial choice?

3. Would Merlin be involved in any of the planned events?

4. By moving the year from 2158 to 2198, you effectively snipped the cord connecting the main series from the future series. Is this because you see GARGOYLES 2198 as our best bet at getting back on TV and you don't want to scramble/reveal what happens in the original series, in case you get to do it second?

Greg responds...

1. Our Alex.

2. They are modeled after him, yes. Ironically, it's less of a problem than you might think. Perhaps because the gargoyle-robot tends to be in a subservient position. Also, cuz the things are so damn useful and they don't come in another shape.

3. Not saying.

4. Partially, yes. I definitely wanted to get far enough out that I wasn't tying my hands on the original. I also, frankly, think that 2198 sounds cooler than 2158. But the main reason was the rethinking of the character of Samson.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001