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Emmlei writes...

This is in reply to my questions you answered. You wondered if I'd read the intro to 'Ask Greg,' I did, but I'd completely forgotten that part of it :P. I didn't realize it until a couple weeks later. So let me rephrase the 'Tempest' question.
1. Which characters were you going to have introduced into the active part of the series? Which would be relagated to flashbacks?
2. What are your takes on at least Caliban and Ariel?
3. What type of relation to the regular characters would the 'Tempest' characters have? ie, would it be immeadiate allies-type, gradual respect-type (like Macbeth's), or would they be enemies?

Greg responds...

1. Prospero, Caliban, Ariel.
1a. The humans, including Prospero's daughter.
2. That's not a simple question.
3. Not saying now.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000