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Jim R. writes...

Some questions about "Metamorphosis" since I watched it yesterday:
1. What did Maggie do or was going to do before she got coaxed by Dr. Sevarius into becoming an experiment?
2. I noticed in this episode that once Derek was mutated and could fly, he looked almost exactly like Fang (which I guess is sort of a cross between a bobcat and a cougar maybe), but then in the later episodes which Derek was featured, his looks were completely different and he looked more like a panther and had black fur. Did you decide to make him look different later or was he essentially still mutating?
3. I also noticed that Fang's initial appearence with the quick shot of the cage they were in when Sevarius was showing Xanatos his work. Fang looked nothing like he does now, well, in a sense. Did you also change his look just for the better or was he still mutating?

Greg responds...

1. I've answered this before. I think she came to NYC to be famous. Brought what seemed like a lot of money to her, but then wound up on the streets.

2. Answered this too. Did you even look in the Mutate ARCHIVE? The "in-show" answer is that the mutates were still mutating. The 'behind the scenes' answer is that Frank wasn't satisfied with the original design on the mutates. But we ran out of time. He kept tinkering with them however to get the final version you saw and "The Cage" and forward.

3. All four mutates, including Talon, Fang, Claw and Maggie the Cat went through revisions between "Metamorphosis" and "The Cage".

Response recorded on May 08, 2001