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matt writes...

matt writes...
is the Labyrinth that the clones and mutates live in really a labyrinth? it didn't seem too much like a maze whenever we would see it in the series, and lots of characters went down there and didn't get lost or anything.

Greg responds...

It's mostly just a name. But there are tons of corridors, tunnels, etc. Some of them hidden, like the one where Fang found the old Cyberbiotics weapons cache. So you could get lost and you could call it a maze.

And honestly, matt, doesn't this question seem a bit nit-picky?

recorded on 09-11-01


ok, i'll admit that sometimes i DO nitpick at things, but generally my questions do have a point. since you asked i'll tell you that i asked this cuz i really did want to know if it was an actual labyrinth or just a name. and now knowing that its just a name mostly doesn't bother me or anything. i just like to know the little details alot of times. its not nit-picking, its just being complete and precise, i guess.

Greg responds...

Ehh, you may have caught me in a bad mood. There was a point where everyone seemed to be submitting questions with the intent of making me look foolish in some way. My apologies.

As for the Labyrinth, we largely stuck to two or three main areas. But the implication was that between the old subway tunnels and the cyberbiotics build-outs, that the place was fairly maze-like. You looked at my answer and concluded it was just a name. But --and now I'm being nit-picky -- that wasn't my answer. It was mostly just a name. But it was accurate as well.

Response recorded on January 23, 2002