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Skylar writes...

Hi again,

1.Why (medical) is Jason paralysed?

2.Is there any chance left, that one day due medical progress an operation could make him able to walk again?

Btw. : Happy Birthday!

Greg responds...

1. Spinal trauma.

2. This may sound flip, but I don't mean for it to: If Christopher Reeve manages to walk again, then Jason can too. But if our science can't solve that problem, then I'm not going to let science in the Garg Universe solve it either. Which doesn't mean, Jason can't put on an exo-skeleton right now. But if we're talking about walking under his own power... then not until we crack it here.

And thanks for the Birthday wishes. (Of course, you wished 'em back in September and it's February now, but they are still appreciated. And I am catching up a little.)

Response recorded on February 03, 2000