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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, keep up the good work if ya can!

1) If the Gargoyle eggs were put under the spell, could/would they have stayed as eggs and hatch in the 1990's?

2) If a Gargoyle were to die in his sleep (You said this was rare,) would his rock body just crumble, or stay as a statue and not awaken?

3) if hudson holds his sword, while turning to stone, will it turn to ston or not? (I am wondering this about anything they might hold)

I can't wait to see the movie/ and re runs, plus the movie 2! (the live action one, I think!)


Greg responds...

1. Which spell? The Magus? I'm not sure how you tell an egg to sleep. And that's all it was, a sleep spell.

2. Stay as a statue, but it would no longer renew and would tend to crumble over time and weather -- assuming it was left alone. Not a safe assumption, by the way.

3. I've answered this before. It has to do with whether or not Hudson's mindset at the moment of sleep is that his sword is part of his uniform or something separate.

Response recorded on February 09, 2000