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Laura aka 'ad astra' writes...

I tend to annoying nitpicking, sorry. When somebody asked why gargoyles have breasts if they lay eggs you responded "Don't tell the platypus". I think they sweat milk all over their body to feed the younguns, and don't use actual breasts. I am less sure of it, but I believe the other egg laying mammal, the spiny anteater, feeds her young with breasts. I spent a lot of time watching PBS when I was little- it annoyed my baby sitters to no end.

The good thing about my extensive knowledge of mostly useless trivia does lead to some interesting tidbits- like: You seemed surprised to find out there is a town in Israel named Dimona. Here's the fun part: Dimona houses a 'toy factory' that is widely believed to be the nuclear weapons facilities. As for the etymology, I don't know.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 19, 2000