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Basilisk writes...

I have a question as to what would happen in a situatuion.

Let's use Brooklyn as an example. Say, somehow Brooklyn looses the end of his tail, whether it is severed in battle or broken off during the day when he turns to stone. Would a stonemason or a scupture, when he's in his stone sleep, be able to carve the remander of the tail so that it looks normal again, or at least not like part of it had been severed? I know it would shorten it by a good bit, but would it simply be a cosmetic change or would Brooklyn awake with a massively mauled tail? I'd bet that huge carvings (like Jackal's fantasy to carve Goliath's face into a likeness of his own) would kill them, but would something smaller, like a tail in this case?

Greg responds...

I doubt it would kill him. And the final extent of the damage would depend on how early in the day your stomemason set to work, i.e. how much time Brooklyn had to heal. But think about what you're asking. Your mason is carving away skin to reveal what is really bone, muscle, etc.

I mean, man, what a gross question. Yuck.

Response recorded on July 24, 2000