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Skylar writes...

Some questions about garg-beasts:

1. I was looking at some screenshots of Bronx and wasn´t able to find anyone where you can see his pupils.
So are Bronx´s eyes allways glowing? Can´t they stop?

2. This question might seem stupid, but: Are gargoylebeasts furry? (Sometimes I think they have hair, sometimes they don´t. - The stomach seems to be furry, but I´m not shure.)

3. If they are furry (or some of them), are also gargoylebeasts able, that have longer hair (like the different hair length of different dog races, for example), maybe that long, that they have to be trimed regulary so that it doesn´t reach the ground? (It´s not an idea, just a question. I was just wondering about in this moment.)

4. More a comment than a question: When once one person asked, if there are any cat-like or just dog-like gargoylebeasts, I think he meant more the looking than the behavior *g*

5. Are any gargoylebeasts out there that have wings, or aren´t they able to?

6. Is it right, that the word "gargoylebeast" or something like that never was used during the hole TV-Show? If so, can it be, that gargoyles never use this word and that they doesn´t even know the word, cause they never needed it, cause they call all gargoyles just "gargoyles" and talk of/with the gargoylebeasts using their name (- In case it´s a gargoylebeast that has a name..)

Greg responds...

1. No. They just glow more or less fiercely depending on his mood.

2. Generally, no. But some may have some fur or hair, just as regular gargs do.

3. I doubt it.

4. Does Bronx really look like any dog you know or does his behavior make him seem more dog-like?

5. No. They evolved without.

6. I don't recall whether or not we used that phrase. We certainly used the word "beast". In "HOUND OF ULSTER" at least.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000