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Charles writes...


Sorry if this was asked already, but I was wondering why Lexington's wing structure was so unique when compared to all the gargoyles we've seen, ie: the webbing between his arms and legs rather than wings coming out of his back?

Thanks for a wonderful show. Good luck getting it back in the public eye in some form or another.

Greg responds...

Lex's wings are unique relative to his clan mates who survived. They're not common, but as we meet more gargs, I'm sure we'll see more with that kind of structure.

We've seen four structures:

Goliath, Hudson and Broadway have one kind.

Demona, Brooklyn and Angela have another.

Lex has a third.

Desdemona had a fourth.

Oh, and Griff, Leo, Zafiro and Una had a fifth.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000