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Duncan Devlin writes...

This just hit me after watching the first season finale of a TV show about a certain Vampire Slayer, then Hunter's Moon.

Your ramblings on the wind ceremony did not have a little point about what happens to the corpse of a Gargoyle if it
is not cremated by morning.

Something tells me that the dead would not turn to stone at dawn. Since I seem like a jerk with this question if that assumption is wrong... I don't know.

What happens if a gargoyle experiences clinical death and crosses the threshhold of dawn while still in a state of death?
Will the Gargoyle turn to stone while dead, or what?

Assuming the gargoyle remains flesh after dawn, what will happen if he or she is revived.

Greg responds...

No. It's a biological process. The dead would not turn to stone at dawn. Because the bodies dead. Not breathing. Not doing any of the things a live gargoyle would do, like turn to stone.

As to your last question, it's not very likely, and in any case has never been tested...

Response recorded on August 21, 2000