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equation writes...

hey Greg... this is not so much a question as a correction to one of your earlier answers regarding gargs in space... the poster asked how a garg -- in the flesh as opposed to stone sleep -- would fare if exposed to hard vacuum (space) without a spacesuit... I hate to say it, but animals dont explode under those circumstances -- although attempting to hold ones breath would prove fatal (but not instantly so), as the alveoli in the lungs would rupture, making it impossible for the blood to absorb oxygen if the person were returned to normal atmosphere. if one were to _not_ hold their breath, the oxygen in the lungs would just go out of the circulatory system in reverse, leading to unconsciousness in about 30 seconds, and death by oxygen deprivation about 90 seconds later. side effects include burst capillaries at the skin surface, swelling of skin and other tissues,joint inflammation and dehydration

and just in case anybody else asks, one cannot freeze instantly in a vacuum either -- that was stupid F/X in M2M...

I do have a few questions on garg biology, but those will be posted separately...

Greg responds...

What's "M2M"?

I was actually thinking about a Sean Connery movie called "Outpost" or "Outland" or something.

Anyway, I'll take your word for it, but let me ask, HOW DO YOU KNOW? Have you tested this on someone?

Response recorded on August 21, 2000