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Anonymous writes...

1. Does Demona sleep at all? You'd think that she'd get tired. 2. I understand the divorce laws in France and Italy are pretty stiff. They like a lot of face to face counseling and attempts at reconciliation before a divorce is gr anted. Said rules are doubly ture if the ceremony was Catholic and you have to go through the church. That being said, are Demona and MacBeth still legally married? Somehow, I don't see the two of them going down to a lawyers office together to have th s thing enulled.
Plus, Demona might very well derive some perverse pleasure in forcing MacBeth to remain her legal husband.

Greg responds...

1. Yes. She does have to sleep now, though she gets by on a few hours per day, (I get about five). Doesn't really improve her mental outlook, if you know what I mean.
2. No. The marriage had not been consumated when the bride tried to kill the groom for his money before disappearing without a trace, so getting a unilateral annulment was surprisingly easy. And Demona doesn't get pleasure from a lot these days.