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Maverick writes...

Something you mentioned from the Ep "Silver Falcon,":

'Elisa nearly shoots brodway.'

1) What would happen if a bullet go lodged in Broadway? Would it vanish at dawn with the wound or would it stay there forever? [Apu on the Simpsons has something like 8 in his body.]

2) If *Elisa* was *Showing* Broadway the gun (In deadly Force) and it went off, hitting him, how bad would the wound be? Life threatning like Elisa's wound was, or would he have much more stamina to survive untill dawn like Goliath did in 'Long way 'till morning'?

3) When a gargoyle gets shot in the wings, are there nerves that allow it to feel the shot?

4) Can gargoyles, during the day, stop a bullet, [assuming they are stone]? Would it just bounce off him, or actually make a hole?

B) Would the gargoyle then wake up?

Greg responds...

1. It wouldn't vanish.

2. It depends where he was shot. It could kill him instantly.

3. Yes.

4. Probably make a hole, but it depends on other factors like range, caliber, etc.

B. No.

Response recorded on November 02, 2000