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Anonymous writes...

This question has been bugging me for god knows how long. First of all, let me make sure I have a few things straight about the restraint on Owen/Puck.
He cannot go back to Avalon- that is what is meant by eternally banished.
He c annot use his powers unless he is prtecting or teaching Alexander. Am I correct, or have I missed something? There are a few details I'm curious about. Alex can only learn so much. I assume that once you've got the basics of magic down, everything e lse, more or less, is pretty much covered. There's only so much you can do. In which case, what is poor Puck going to do when he has nothing left to teach? More or less, he's pretty much stuck as Owen forever. . . Unless, of course, if I understand correctly, Owen is mortal. In which case, if Puck remains Owen for too long, will he die? Will just the Owen facade "die" or will Puck actually die? On the topic of Owen's mortality, if someone were to slice off Owen's head, and working under the a ssumption that Puck dies when Owen dies, who's left to teach/protect Alex? Would Oberon start the whole kidnapping ordeal again, or would he just sort of forget about it?
Speaking of which, does he monitor Alex's teaching, or is that mostly Titania, or is it anybody? Oh, and just a quicky "yes or no" answer; was Fox ever going to learn to use her magic or is she uninterested? Thanks.
Marie Treblast

Greg responds...

It seems you've got the rules straight, but the notion that Alex can only learn so much seems preposterous to me. I'm 34 and constantly learning new things, even new things about things I thought I had wired. Learning is a lifelong process.

Owen is mortal. But everytime Owen becomes Puck to teach Alex something, he kinda resets Owen when he changes back. So Owen's never gonna age all that much. It's a loophole, that allows Owen/Puck to continue to teach and protect Alex as long as Alex lives.

If Owen gets killed (like shot in the back or something) while he's Owen, then both Owen and Puck die. The situational question you ask is tougher to answer, because it depends on what else is going on, how old Alex is at the time, etc.

I don't think Oberon monitors much unless it strikes his fancy. Titania probably plays closer attention.

As to Fox, I think she'd be very interested, up to a point.