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Tk writes...

Me again,
I have a question about age.
I hope this makes sense.

Ok,In the Avalon episode where they end up in Egypt. They said that gargoyles age at half the rate of humans, correct.
Well does that mean that they age at the same rate as humans but just live longer example

:a human child and a young hatchling born on the same day when the human is walking and talking so is the gargoyle.

or for they age a half the rate literally, for example

:a human 20 years of age and a gargoyle who is 40 years of a age but appears 20.

thank you for listening, if this is in the archives i am sorry but i couldn't find it.
thank you

Greg responds...

If I understand what you're asking, then the latter.

The Trio are nearly 40 years old in chronological years when we first meet them. But they have the maturity of guys in their late teens.

Response recorded on December 01, 2000