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LSZ writes...

On Garg evolution:

Quote: As to their numbers, it's a chicken/egg thing. They reproduce so infrequently. I think that once upon a time there was a risk of Gargoyles being a species that threatened to overtake the world - as humans eventually succeeded in doing. Gargs were tough, intelligent, mobile, cooperative and nearly invulnerable- even when asleep.Maybe Mother Nature gave them some handicaps on purpose. Maybe humanity was created as competition.

*snip a lot of very interesting stuff on evolution occuring on a planetary scale and the role of humanity in it*

1) Were the gargoyles 'created' as competition for the Lost Race?
2) Were the fae 'created' as competition for any for humans or gargs, or both?
3) If so, it seems rather unfair to give humans THAT big a challenge vs. nearly unkillable godlike energy being-esque things..why is a challenge THAT big?
4) Will a challenging race arise on the planet to challenge the current three someday?

Greg responds...

1. Don't take that quote too literally.

2. Ditto.

3. See above.

4. There will be challenges -- from many sources.

Response recorded on December 21, 2000