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Tana writes...

"Or what if two interior digits fused into one?" was a response to somebody's post on gargoyle hands... I was playing around in my sketch book one day, thinking it would be cool to make an anatomical refrence book for gargoyles (okay you know you're too much of a fan when...^_^) But the idea of the fingers fusing together is what I chose to use, almost without thinking...that the way my diagram worked the gargoyle hand still has all 5 metacarpals, and the middle finger has two proximal phalanges rather than one per finger seen in humans...um, can you tell I've taken an anatomy class? I'll have to play around s'more and show you what I've done when I come to the gathering!

Aside from the wings (and therefore scapula), feet, hands, tails and brow ridges, would there be other differences you could think of between humans and gargs? Hollow bones (like birds) Perhaps a different rib structure... Not that you've probably thought about it, but like I said I'm really into anatomy.

Greg responds...

Unfortunately (for me), it's clear you know much more about anatomy than I do.

I don't see gargs as having two interior digits fused, and I can't help wondering if you aren't quoting me out of context. They evolved seperately from (and earlier than) humans with four digits, rather than five. So fusing doesn't make much sense to me.

I also doubt they have hollow bones like birds. Sure it would help explain how they glide, but the physical punishment that we've seen them absorb and dole out, doesn't suggest hollow bones to me. But I don't pretend to know this stuff. Still, I'd be very interested in seeing your work at the Gathering.

Response recorded on December 22, 2000