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The One writes...

1) If a Gargoyle dies at night, what happens to the remains, do they turn into stone? If they do turn into stone, do the reamins continue to rot at night?

2) How exactly do Gargoyles have eggs? Does the female carry the eggs for a term and then lay out those huge eggs? Or do they lay something small that slowly matures and get larger?

3) Are Gargoyles warm-blooded? Cold-blooded?

4) Where do Gargoyles get the extra bodily mass when they turn into stone?

Greg responds...

1. I've answered this before. No. A dead gargoyle stays in whatever form it was in when last alive.

2. The female does carry the egg for a short term. The eggs are soft when laid, and don't get hard until the first sunrise after being laid. They stay hard after that, until the hatching.

3. Generally, I'd say they are warm-blooded. Though they might fall under a third category.

4. Who says they have extra body mass?

Response recorded on January 26, 2001