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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

I have some biological questions. Nothing too hard, I hope.

1-There are blood vessels in the gargoyle's wings membranes?

2-I know that Gargoyles are warm-blooded. Then, does they sweat? Or the wings are a natural radiator? (A lot of animals have them). And how about the beasts? (The dogs sweat by the tongue, you know?)

3-Some Gargs are furry, as Leo, Una & Griff. And about the non-furry Gargs, does them have any body hair? (And yes, I mean the Manhattan clan :-)

4-No, I will not ask if gargs go to the bathroom.

5-I don't know _why_ I'm asking this, but: does Gargs has nipples? They don't appear to have, but in "Leader of the Pack", Wolf rip his T-shirt and (I believe) he doesn't has also. S&P things?

6-At what age does the beasts become adults? In 1996 Bronx is biological 9 and Boudicca 20, and both look adults to me (they even mated).

7-A comment about the eggs; They hatch in ten years. Yes, It's a long time, but not too long: Some insects late 13 years to become adults. The eggs are slow, but they're not irreal.

Greg responds...

1. I don't know.
2. Uh, I'm not sure.
3. Some, sure.
4. O.K.
5. Not S&P. More like stylistic and design choices.
6. At age two.
7. Interesting.

Response recorded on March 01, 2001