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Fire Storm writes...

On 02-01-2001, you anwsered a question by Anonymous.
He/She wrote: How long is a female gargoyles' gestation period?

You replied: Didn't I answer this already? Check the Gargoyle Science archive.

I checked the Science archive, and then the entire archive, and the closest you have said is "6 months to a year".

So I pose these questions to you:
Have you refined your anwser to this question?

If so, how long is the gestation period for gargoyle females? (The time span the female gargoyle carrys the egg before laying it, for those non-scientifically inclined people reading this.)

And, when gargoyle females do end up laying their eggs, do they lay them on the same night or just generally around the same time?

See you at G2K+1!

Greg responds...

About six months is as refined as I've got it.

And the laying takes place within a span of a couple nights.

Response recorded on March 02, 2001