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Thilo writes...

First of all thanks to Gorebash for bringing this one online again. And so hello again to you, Greg! Here are some more questions:
1. Xanatos (or Owen) attached a sender to Goliath - as we learn in "Awakening" Part 4. How can it still at Goliaths body, when he looses his stoneskin at sunset?
2. Elisa and weapons - she lost at least 3 pistols: in "Awakening" Part 3 one was destroyed by Goliath, in "Eye of the Beholder" one by Xanatos in his Battle Suit, and in "Ill met by moonlight" one was used for the bell. How does she explain this?
There were some more, but I can't remember right now, so until next time.

Greg responds...

1. Uhhh, super-glue?

2. She probably blames Xanatos.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999