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Matt Dymond writes...

Hi Greg, thanks for such a fantastic series, and thanks in advance for some answers (I hope).

1) In Awakenings pt1, Elisa and Morgan's initial conversation gave the impression that they didn't know each other - She identified herself and gave her precinct number, yet they both work in the 23rd. I know this was likely just scene setting, but it makes it seem like one of them transfered there recently. Was this intended to be the case?

2) Is there any particular backstory as to why Elisa drives her particular make & model of of car (either within the context of the series itself, or a reason one of the writing staff wanted that particular car used?)

3) Since the stone sleep is a biological function, with practice (e.g over several years), would it be possible for a gargoyle to train him/herself to put off the transformation, for a short while at least?

Greg responds...

1. Behind the scenes, we weren't thinking about reusing Morgan at that time. I assumed, that Morgan transferred to the 23rd either right before or right after "Awakening". In any case, Elisa didn't meet him until that moment.

Per our new rules, you'll have to resubmit your other questions on separate posts.

Response recorded on August 22, 1999