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Onil writes...

In response to your Ramble, I suggest you forget about the Chronicles completely. I was repulsed by EVERY episode; I didn't even like The Journey very much. The eps got worse week after week and I didn't know why until I found out online that you left the show. I kept watching anyway because I couldn't keep away. I eventually saw one episode I liked -- more for the unique animation style than the actual story -- with Proteus finding his way to New York. All other episodes repulsed me.

In my mind, the series ended with the conclusion to Hunter's Moon. I suppose I was dissappointed with The Journey because I wasn't expecting so much time to have passed since returning to the castle.
The kiss shared by Angela and Broadway caught me off guard and I thought it was somewhat out of context. A courtship episode would've been nice, but I understand if you were trying to pack a lot of your ideas in before you left.
I also disliked the form in which John Canmore returned. He was really different from the way he was in Hunter's Moon. I hope you didn't plan for his "cause" to be the central storyline for the forseeable future. I probably would've been tired of it after two or three eps. That is, unless you brought back the Hunter armory, exo-suit, and foreign accent :)

Greg responds...

Sorry, you didn't like "The Journey". I wasn't happy with how it was boarded or edited, but I think it turned out O.K.

(On the other hand, the Aladdin-style animation on that Proteus episode really bugged me. Like a different series.)

I don't think much time HAD passed between Hunter's Moon and The Journey. A few weeks at most. The Broadway/Angela courtship had been going on in subtle ways since they met. But that was their first kiss. You didn't miss anything. They found each other right there. As for Canmore/Castaway, well, the idea was that some astute viewers would recognize him as the same guy, but I didn't plan on revealing that right away. The Quarrymen would have been a significant subplot, but they wouldn't have taken over the series. And, by the way, John Castaway did have an accent. An English accent. (As opposed to Canmore's Scottish accent.) Personally, I thought Castaway in "The Journey" was kind of chilling.

Basically, I'd hope you would have trusted me to give you the same level of quality that you seem to have enjoyed during the first two seasons.

Response recorded on March 19, 2000